The Great American Dream Machine

This ground breaking show was the first to combine animation, short films, satirical sketches, drama and political commentary in a magazine format that ran the gamut from pathos to humor. Created by NET for PBS, it highlighted the difference between the American Dream and reality. Featuring actors Chevy Chase, Marshall Efron, Stacey Keach, Charles Grodin, Henry Winkler, Elaine Stritch, Albert Brooks, Alan Arkin, Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna; and columnists, Nicholas Von Hoffman, Howard Kurtzman, and William Rusher, the show won an Emmy and received rave reviews: ”

Comes close to being what television is all about.”
– The Washington Post

“–a wacky, wishful, wonderful, wise conglomeration of extravagant creations that brings a dazzling mental stimulation to the visual screen.”
– The Boston Globe